Design MacGyver: 5 Clever Plastic Bag Crafts

Weaving plastic bags into baskets.

Recycled plastic bag basket

Plastic bag recycling for crochet floor rug

plastic bags

Crocheted Plastic Bag Coasters

Craft for Humanity: Crochet a Plastic Sleeping Mat for the Homeless/ #bostonmarathon imagine you just ran, are exhausted and can not enter your hotel! You wished you had this mat!

Easy way to use up all the magazines you no longer need. Very simple once get the hang of rolling the pages, the more colorful the page the better! 5

Design your own buttons with shrink paper!

plastic bag crafts

Reusable snack bags from grocery bags #recycle

Bangle bracelets made from plastic bottles

Bags out of pillow cases......who knew?

5 Creative Plastic Bottle Christmas Craft Ideas -

Recycled Plastic Bag Mats

Designer MacGyver: 7 Clever Newspaper Crafts (

Plastic Bottle Flowers | Click Pic for 22 DIY Spring Crafts for Kid to Make | Easy Spring Craft Ideas for Toddlers

Excellent for a craft party = Crochet a Plastic Sleeping Mats for the Homeless

RECYCLE CRAFTS Easy-Weave Newsprint Basket