By Jaz Marsh

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Old Nikon Camera


vintage camera

I love old cameras, developing the pictures! ✨

Vintage Camera

I've ALWAYS loved taking pictures of EVERYTHING; even as a small child. There's nothing like capturing the perfect photo & there is beauty to be found everywhere. For my "Bucket List" I hope to further my skills by taking a photography class.

Love going to the fair. Noticing the shapes that make everything; Circles, cubes, triangles and lines, its a little weird but kinda cool.


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Are we leaving? To some vintage plesce... Yvette Inufio is a fabulous photographer and has such an incredible style with compositions. I love vintage cameras, as every photographer does, and the luggage is simply perfect!

Vintage Camera

vintage cameras

i actually own a mintola vintage flim camera its amazingly nice i just love it <3

Suitcase & camera. So cute - could do photo shoot here.

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