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Halloween Decorations Front Porch

floating Cheeecloth Spirits---totally awesome idea for Halloween party!

Halloween Front Porch Decor... I have all of this!

Halloween Pumpkin Pillars- Leave the tops off all but the smallest pumpkin. Create a spooky tree using marker, the stars look is created by drilling holes.

Materials Needed: several yards of cheesecloth 1/4"-thick 2x4 poplar strips staple gun and 9/16" staples scissors or utility knife tape measure bucket bags of black tea hot water mitre box and saw

10 Spooky Front Porch Decorating Ideas for Halloween: www.hgtv.com/handmade/spooky-front-porch-decorating-ideas-for-halloween/pictures/page-6.html?soc=pinterest

Hooded figures. Put lights near them and there will be an instant creepy factor!

Halloween Decorations

Ghosts~~~~Styrofoam balls and cheesecloth! great decoration!

You can turn them to the other side and paint it to say Merry Christmas! Love this porch!

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Scary and Creepy Halloween Front Porch Ideas

Spooky porch

Halloween decor

Ten Spooky Front Porch Ideas for Halloween

Creepy Hand Wall Hangers

Make the shape with bottle, ball and wire. Drape over cheesecloth and spray with starch. Once dry remove supports. So clever!

Halloween front door