Hamin is a Sephardic cholent - Shabbat stew

Skillet Chickpeas - fresh spinach, chickpeas, olive oil, cumin, salt & pepper, garlic cloves

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Shakshuka | Spicy tomato poached egg with feta. This was so good it's on my favorites list now. Eat with crusty bread. I used one seeded habanero, which was nice and spicy (but not painful).

Roasted Chickpeas Recipe in six different flavors. I promise that this will be your newest favorite snack. Very quick and easy recipe!

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Moroccan-style Olives and Chickpeas. This doesn't look like anything that I ate in Morocco, but it DOES look delish!

Traditional Cholent Recipe

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Crockpot Gingered Chickpeas & Spicy Tomato Stew #healthy #vegetarian #vegan

Loubie bil zeit

Harissa is a great shortcut ingredient to flavor, but no two jars (or tubes) are the same. Taste first—if it seems very spicy, use a bit less. You can always stir more into the chickpeas when the dish is finished.

19 Israeli Delicacies that aren't hummus (Please do not turn this pin into a political discussion.)

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Shakshuka With Feta by Melissa Clark

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