Wall-mounted #Christmas tree.

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Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree

Ornamental Cutlery Christmas Tree

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Christmas Tree Decorating

I love this tree. It could be used at the end of a hall to add light and interest, on the wall of a foyer especially when there is a wall facing the entrance door instead of a wide open foyer or living space, or even in a small apartment that does not have room for a traditional Christmas tree. Leave it up all year long and replace the ornaments with family photos, shells or small pieces of art.

Save floor space and hang ornaments on the wall for a faux-tree

DIY #christmas tree

Celebrate Christmas with some coastal flair. This driftwood beauty is both creative and classy.

Christmas tree DIY

Christmas tree on a door!

Hanging Christmas Tree - WREATH CHANDELIER

No room for a tree? Hang one on the wall. I'd use wood screws so this one could be easily disassembled for storage.

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Snowman tree info

*Christmas Tree*

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Christmas tree for outside.