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Old Window Ideas: Window Box (

Old Window Idea. Would be cute to balance out room where a wall does not have a my new space!!! I just picked up a window from the curb the other day!! Getting excited !

Old windows are popular on the wall, but they can be functional too with a shelf and hooks!

Edgley window garden box love this concept! Mount a traditional framed window with a box under for a freestanding window box effect on a brick wall.

On the panes opposite the picture do: their initial big and then decorate scrapbook-style with descriptive words, or Chalkboard paint and change what it there often.

If you’ve got a wall near a window and you can hang a picture, then you can garden in your apartment. Window boxes might work, too. Source: |

A Cultivated Nestfrom A Cultivated Nest

Scrap Lumber + Old Window = Pretty Windowbox

Use for an old window frame. Add box for a planter (A Cultivated Nest blog)