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  • JoAnn Franco-Malony
    JoAnn Franco-Malony • 1 year ago

    I love, love, love HGTV and Fixer Upper is my favorite even makes me want to buy a goat! ;-)

  • Lara Foley Harris
    Lara Foley Harris • 1 year ago

    FOR ANYONE READING THE COMMENTS ABOVE: "FIXER UPPER" WITH CHIP & JOANNA GAINES HAS NOT BEEN CANCELED. It was another show that was supposed to air in October called "Flip It Forward." The brothers are not haters. Read up on it. They just have different views of agendas they don't believe in. "Hate the sin, not the sinner." Good day to all!

  • JoAnn Franco-Malony
    JoAnn Franco-Malony • 1 year ago

    Too bad they cancelled the show before we got a chance to decide if it was a good show. Anyway I love Chip and Joanna Gaines and I'm totally hooked!

  • Donna LeGrand
    Donna LeGrand • 47 weeks ago

    Fixer Upper is a TV show on HGTV starring Chip and Joanna Gaines. It is based in Waco, Texas. The show first aired in 2014 and has been signed on for a second season.[1] :

  • JoAnn Franco-Malony
    JoAnn Franco-Malony • 47 weeks ago

    Yay, I'm so excited!!

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