Tips for living stylishly with your cat: Provide plenty of toys to keep felines from damaging furniture or fixtures. >

How to Make a Cat Condo - on HGTV

Put a scratching post that matches what they're destroying (vertical/horizontal, rough/smooth, hard/soft) next to that item. >>

afternoon time table - also a perfect hiding spot for a cat!

Cat tree built straight onto the wall. This site has chic ways to integrate kitty entertainment into your home without neon colors and ugly scratching posts.

If you have furniture you want to keep cat-hair free, unsoiled or intact, train your cat to stay off of it. They dislike sticky tape, citrus-scented air fresheners and aluminum foil. Placing these items on or near the piece will deter your cat from scratching, walking or sleeping on it. >

Feline Interior Design - Wall-Climbing Home Decor For the Stylish Cat Owner (GALLERY)

Adjustable scratching/climbing posts with add-ons from German company Profeline

The Best Toys for Playful Cats

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Cute cats being cats

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