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    If you want multiple cats but start with one, getting another later might be difficult and possibly very destructive to your household. Consider getting two kittens at once for years of companionship (or at least peaceful coexistence). >>

    Put a scratching post that matches what they're destroying (vertical/horizontal, rough/smooth, hard/soft) next to that item. >>

    How to Build a Dog Crate Cover/Bench Seat >>

    How to Make a Dog Ottoman and Slipcover >>

    9 Tips for a Chic, Pet-Friendly Home >>

    Washable slipcovers are a convenient way to change up your style and keep your furniture fresh from pet dander and odor. Simply throw them in the wash! >>

    Give cats a place to roam and explore in your yard or garden >>

    Mulch and resilient shrubs are great for dog-friendly gardens >>

    We can't forget our feathered friends! Bring design outside with a rustic, barn-inspired duck or chicken house >>

    Ponds and water features can double as a place for pets to fish-watch or take a swim >>

    Give pets plenty of toys to keep their teeth from tearing into doors, baseboards, furniture and other valuables >>

    The gray tile floors in this traditional white kitchen are easy to keep clean with four-legged family members around. More pet-friendly designs >>

    A nightstand doubles as a cozy pet sleeping area. See more cute animals at home >>

    If you have furniture you want to keep cat-hair free, unsoiled or intact, train your cat to stay off of it. They dislike sticky tape, citrus-scented air fresheners and aluminum foil. Placing these items on or near the piece will deter your cat from scratching, walking or sleeping on it. >

    Tips for living stylishly with your cat: Provide plenty of toys to keep felines from damaging furniture or fixtures. >

    Sabrina Soto keeps Harper in mind when it comes to designing her own home. >

    A Mother-and-son team worked together to create this custom dog bed for their pup Isabella. To achieve a high-end look, choose two complementary, washable fabrics that really pop when you put them together. >

    To make a photo dog bowl like this, scan your favorite pet photos, crop the images and place them side by side, bordered on both sides with a continuous decorative band. Print your design onto paper, and then laminate the paper to waterproof the design. Finally, attach the finished design to your pet's bowl with a spray adhesive. >

    This special pooch has its own entrance into the family home, complete with outdoor lighting and a deck! >

    Use soft, durable fabric to create a custom dog bed with personality! Use colors and patterns that work well with the decor of the room. >