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    If you have furniture you want to keep cat-hair free, unsoiled or intact, train your cat to stay off of it. They dislike sticky tape, citrus-scented air fresheners and aluminum foil. Placing these items on or near the piece will deter your cat from scratching, walking or sleeping on it. >

    PROBLEM: My cat jumps up on places he’s not supposed to be! SOLUTION: Place sticky double-sided tape onto areas you don’t want your cat to jump on. Your cat will begin to think the surface is always sticky and will avoid stepping on it. There are even special brands of sticky tape to buy for your cat.- Cat hack

    how to train your cat to stay off the counters. Don't squirt your cat with water or yell or hit. There's a much more effective and humane way to train kitty to keep her paws off the counter. Here are my tips.

    Indoor Cat Repellent. Keep Kitty off furniture and counters.

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    Faut rappeler le plombier...Il a oublié le robinet tactile je fais comment moi. .Je me Depatouilles comme d'habitude ????

    How to clean a litter box and keep it odor free! It's easier than you think!

    Tips for Keeping Cats Off Kitchen Counters Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies

    How to Talk to Your Cat Communicating with your cat is not simply a parlor trick you can perform to amuse your dinner guests. It's an important part of training your cat and reinforcing your bond with her.

    You CAN outsmart your feline friend.

    My cats NEED this!

    They make these for babies, but your cat should have one, too, obvs. | 23 Insanely Clever Products Every Cat Owner Will Want

    Do you have cat that will eat everything in sight? Some of your “people food” is perfectly safe for cats (in small quantities) but you should be aware of the many foods in your fridge or pantry that can cause significant health problems if your cat eats them. Read on as eBay shares six things your cat should never eat - and some healthy alternatives!

    The "wave" cat shelves look sleek and modern! Found at Urban Haus

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    Cat Tail Speak

    If you have a cat and a dog, you know the challenge of keeping the dog out of the cat's food. Our Cat Feeding Station gives your cat the freedom to eat any time without having its food disturbed.

    My kitty is 2-3 years old even though she is tiny and looks like a kitten, but really is in her mid-20's or early 30's

    Siberian Kitten. Also hypoallergenic & has the personality of a dog -- super friendly. Perfect cat for me!