Designer MacGyver: 5 Birdhouse Ideas That Aren’t for the Birds (

how cute would this be to have the teapot as a bird house and a teacup as a bird feeder. although the roof would have to cover it all.

Garden Birdhouses ♥

Bird houses on a fence


Rustic birdhouse...

stock photo : Three birdhouses on old wooden fence

painted fence

find an old rusty birdhouse give it a fresh coat of paint and turn it into a hanging planter...would look great on a porch with wicker porch furniture



birdhouses on an old ladder!

Acorn Birdhouse

Paint rocks to look like strawberries. Place around strawberry beds early in the season. By the time your real berries ripen, birds will think they're stones and leave them alone. (Really? Worth a shot.)

good idea

These are adorable bird houses.

colourful birdhouses

Birdhouse collection, great idea!

Make birdhouses for Garden #birdhouses

Love this fence idea!

Front yard dry stream bed inspiration...