• Flavio Schultz

    a nice, romantic picnic date. That's what I want. And I really like the hammock the picnic in the back of a pickup truck parked in a field with pretty flowers or by a lake would be more ideal to avoid ants and #summer picnic #company picnic #prepare for picnic| http://picnicmarco.blogspot.com

  • Devonte O'Reilly

    So sweet, what a romantic picnic idea. Even in the back yard with a hammock! Love, love, love #prepare for picnic #summer picnic #company picnic| http://picnicgallery.blogspot.com

  • Ludwig Abbott

    the perfect #picnic #summer picnic #company picnic #prepare for picnic| http://company-picnic-688.blogspot.com

  • Laurie Marks

    Fresh flowers and plush pillows make a picnic spread feel so #summer picnic #company picnic #prepare for picnic| http://company-picnic-rowan.blogspot.com

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