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Charles Louis Hollingsworth (1917 - 1993), grandson of Thomas Canada Hollingsworth and Mary E. "Sue" Whitten Hollingsworth.

Charles Louis Hollingsworth birth certificate [delayed] 1917 - 1993.

"Roy Hollingsworth and Ursula Freeze Hollingsworth (about 1950)." Many other photographs of both the ancestors and descendants of Roy and Ursula Hollingsworth are available at this website.

Marriage Certificate | License for Charles Lewis Hollingsworth, Jr. [Charles Louis Hollingsworth] and Margaret "Rita" Lucretia Pittman. Dated 24 May 1939 in Jasper, Walker, AL.

Biographical sketch of Hon. David A. Hollingsworth, Cadiz, Ohio. This 339 page ebook is availble free at the source link, and it provides, "in addition to family and personal details, [an] interesting review of local district politics and politicians during the long years of [General] Hollingsworth's political activities both as a candidate and public official." Numerous drawings, paintings, and photographs of this line of the Hollingsworth Family are also included in this book.

historic photo of slave children

"Al Hollingsworth was born on Tuesday, February 25, 1908, in St. Louis, Missouri. Hollingsworth was 27 years old when he broke into the big leagues on April 16, 1935, with the Cincinnati Reds. His biographical data, year-by-year hitting stats, fielding stats, pitching stats (where applicable), career totals, uniform numbers, salary data and miscellaneous items-of-interest are presented by Baseball Almanac on this comprehensive Al Hollingsworth baseball stats page."

1919 engagement photo.

Death Certificate for Thomas Canada Hollingsworth, born November 12, 1865, died July 25, 1947.

A sweetly dressed little boy from Alberta, Canada, 1900.

Dorise Eaton Travis. Ziegfeld girl. possibly only 14 years old at the time this photo was taken.

"This is so tremendously neat. I love that someone thought to photograph earlier fashions during a time that we now view as being "old" ourselves (c.1815 dress, photo taken in 1908)." AAPI photo idea- 'any era' category old time photo OF an old time photo

Toronto, Queen Street, east from James Street Photographer: Alfred Pearson August 31, 1929

"Family picture taken about 1903, before the last daughter, Pauline Lucille, was born." People: Charles Hollingsworth at 35, Bessie Lela Hollingsworth at 10, Hazel Josephine Hollingsworth at 9, Hallie Fern Hollingsworth at 6, Clinton Leroy Hollingsworth at 4, and Lucy Lela Hollingsworth at 26. (Image: Contributed by Shirley Patterson on December 13, 2002; "Photo taken on 1903")

"This picture shows four of the five children of Charles and Lucy Hollingsworth." People: Hazel Hollingsworth, Hallie Hollingsworth, Clinton L. Hollingsworth, and Bessie L. Hollingsworth. (Image: Contributed by Shirley Patterson on August 11, 2003; "Photo taken at Oregon, United States")

"Five generations of Hollingsworth women believed taken in Oakland, Ca. People in this photo: Hazel Hollingsworth, Hazel Hollingsworth, Lucy Ott, Helen Johnson, Joyce Hollingsworth at 3 years old." (Image: Contributed by Shirley Patterson on September 22, 2001; "Photo taken on 1936")

"Henry M. Hollingsworth and Larrisa Enloe Sullivan Hollingsworth (about 1893)." A great deal of detailed, primary family history following this line of descendants from Levi Hollingsworth, as proven by DNA evidence, is set out on this web site. It may be of interest to Hollingsworth Families in the Tennessee area.

"Descendants of Henry Hollingsworth (born 1598), father of Valentine Sr. and the County Wexford - Wicklow families. Failte!" Thomas James Hollingsworth, author of this website, which is well-known to Hollingsworth researchers as the "Holly Gardens," is another highly respected Hollingsworth genealogist.

The Hollingsworth Register, by Henry Albert “Harry” Hollingsworth (1931 – 1995). The Hollingsworth Register was a newsletter that was published between 1965 and 1991, comprising 112 issues, in which Harry Hollingsworth documented much of the history of the Holling(s)worth family. Subscriber-submitted articles were sometimes included, along with reports of Harry Hollingsworth’s genealogical research. The value of this resource to Hollingsworth name researchers is simply immeasurable.

Hollingsworth Ancestry: The Doug Hollingsworth Web Site. Doug Hollingsworth is one of the most articulate, thorough, responsive, and authoritative researchers currently working with the Hollingsworth name. This site is well worth your time.