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    Texas tribes map

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    To tell about the history of each region, I could talk about which Indian groups are found in which part of Texas. We could also look at major battles or events that took place in these areas and how it relates to Texas' history.

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    List of Texas Indian Tribes With over 20 different tribes, Texas is rich in Native American history. Its many tribes paint a picture full of diverse cultures and backgrounds. These tribes range geographically from the coast of the Gulf of Mexico to the border of New Mexico. It is hard to see their imprint in the large cities of Texas today, but you can feel the larger tribe’s impact on the wide-open plains.

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Did you know the name "Texas" comes from a Caddoan Indian word? It is a Spanish corruption of the Caddo word Taysha, which means "friend." Spanish explorers recorded it as Teyas or Tejas.

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Here's the man in the middle of US map. This is a good tool to help students remember where these midwestern states are located.

Situated mostly in the Northwest United States and in Canada after migrating from the Great Lakes region, the Blackfoot Indians have a rich history and culture.Blackfoot Indians were legendary buffalo hunters, and lived a mostly nomadic life following the buffalo herds.

California Indian Bands // With over one hundred federally recognized tribes, and many unrecognized tribes, California has the largest Native American population and largest number of distinct tribes of any US state. Californian tribes are characterized by linguistic and cultural diversity.

Native Americans Of Texas - A great comprehensive unit about the Native Americans of Texas. #reading #teaching #tpt

I think i need one of these for my garden...

Hay-ai-v-hu, Tribe Cheyenne - Native American

vintage texas map. Would like to get this to put in our bedroom with all our other Texas stuff!

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