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This is a Tin Type photo of Capt. Thomas Quincy Stanford, CSA. He was killed leading a charge at the Battle of Stones River, Murfeebrough, TN. He took a musket ball to the chest on Dec. 31st. and died on January 1, 1863.

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Gunshot fracture of skull...18th South Carolina boy, Private James Ferris Co. H 18th SC Infantry

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(c. 1861-1865) Soldier in Union frock coat, forage cap, and gloves with bayoneted musket

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Major Richard Channing Price (1843-1863). Assistant-Adutant-General for Major General J.E.B. Stuart. Taken just after his 20th birthday and just before his death at the battle of Chancellorsville on May 1, 1863.

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The Man Who Struck Billy Patterson by Ron Coddington

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Fel-Ay-Tay, Yuma Scout for the San Carlos Apache. Photo by Baker & Johnston. 1881.

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[Private Jackson A. Davis of Co. E, Holcombe Legion South Carolina Cavalry Battalion, with musket and two pistols] Rees, Charles R., photographer; 1 photograph : sixth-plate ambrotype, hand-colored ; 9.5 x 8.4 cm (case)(LOC) | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

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16Th Wisconsin

[Unidentified soldier in Union uniform with Company G 16th Regiment forage cap holding bayonet and musket] (LOC) by The Library of Congress, via Flickr

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memorial of the horses killed in the battle of little big horn

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1863 Flickr

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1/4th-Plate Handcolored Cased Tintype of Widow and Daughter, Circa 1863

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Pa 1


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(c. 1861-1865) Soldier in Union frock coat and forage cap with saber and musket

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Benjamin Lakin C. Ledbetter of the 25th Tennessee Infantry. He died from wounds received at Stones River on January 10, 1863.

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Federal Infantryman Holding Musket.

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Alexander Peter Stewart, CSA (1821-1908) Tennessee. Lieutenant General (CSA). West Point Class of 1842 (Artillery) Appointed a brigade commander in Leonidas Polk's corps, Stewart ultimately took command of that corps as a LTG when Polk was killed in June, 1864. Served in that capacity until the end of the war. Was in the battle of Franklin and Nashville.

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Vintage tin type photo- Mirror Eyes The silhouette of the camera and the photographer are captured in her beautiful dark eyes.

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Colorized photo of Captain Thomas Longworth Dames in 1855 during the Crimean War

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"Old Douglas" the Dromedary camel that served with Company A of the 43rd Mississippi Infantry Regiment. Douglas became the regimental mascot and the 43rd became known as the Camel Regiment. He saw action at Iuka, Corinth, and was killed during the Siege of Vicksburg, when Federal snipers targeted and killed him for sport. In response, Confederate sniper teams hunted down and killed the responsible Federal sniper, along with several others operating against the 43rd.

BuzzFeed Communityfrom BuzzFeed Community

Community Post: Historic Photographs Of "White" Slaves

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Orleans 1863

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Taylor Rebecca

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Rebecca Huger

Rebecca 1863 mixed race ancestry. Historic Photographs Of "White" Slaves

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City Widow

Circa 1863

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1863 Flickr

Washington City Widow, Albumen Carte de Visite, Circa 1863