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    The best one is the reaction to Dumbledore's bit about the third-floor corridor.

    Haha! If Harry Potter had Instagram. (click thru for more pics) Love this! :D

    Accurate. Thanks, Harry Potter, for setting it straight.

    Just came up with the perfect birthday invitation! An invitation that looks just like a Hogwarts acceptance letter! Love love love

    I feel like I grew up with these guys… Did anyone else start tearing up when they saw this? nope just me. not likely

    I'm pinning this purely for the comments. Stuff I never considered before. Plus, hilarious lol

    Twilight? Awesome? What is this foolish lie that you speak? Or has one gone and changed the dear definition of 'awesome' to 'sucks beyond all imagining and kills brain cells with every word printed on the page'?

    19 Reasons Snape Is The BFF You Want And Need

    the early years. This is awesome because I watched this movie ALL THE TIME.

    I am continually surprised at how much research j.k. Rowling puts into her names. The more you look, the more there is.