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I believe in everything until its disproved. So I believe in fairies, the myths, dragons. It all exists, even if its in your mind. Who’s to say that dreams and nightmares aren’t as real as the here and now

Tree Of Life

"I'm hooked on you" - Only art piece so far that caught my attention, simple, eye catching, and meanigful/visually appealing. So creative!! Metal Art by Jean Pierre Augier

Tree 2

Грация, очарование, вдохновение, страсть. Художник Анна Разумовская | Наслаждение творчеством

Image detail for -Abstract Wall Art Abstract-wall-art – Galery Bali Guide | Best Art ...

Little Dragon Little Phoenix


The Ancient Mariner, Steven Lloyd Neal: Like an ancient mariner, each of us sails through the unchartered waters of life by faith, perseverance, and light from the Heavens. This view of Hagoth is towards the end of his life as he looks across the sea from whence they came. It was from such people as this ancient mariner that the Book of Mormon peoples spread to the Pacific Islands. As the sun sets, Hagoth reflects on his life’s work. The reed boats were found anciently in Egypt and are still in use on Lake Titicaca in Peru, suggesting an Old World connection. It was modern Incan descendents who wove the boat for Dr. Heyerdahl’s Atlantic crossing (Alma 63).

"The Pillar of Fire" by Steven L. Neal

Lehi's Dream Steven Lloyd Neal

"Good vs. Evil" series by J. Scott Campbell

Images of faires - Bing Images

sweet little thing by ~slawekmyskow

Big Blue Eyes :)

Big Eyed Girl Vintage Postcard........I just love this pick, may have to do something like this, minus the puppu. lol

Rapunzel by Heather Theurer

Larche Francois Raoul ~ Loie Fuller ~ tafellamp ~ 1901


raquel lopez-chicheri


Wonderful patterns to color. Because sometimes everyone needs to act like a kid :)

Claire Keane, Rapunzel.----so pretty

The Times Of Day, Night's Rest by Alphonse Mucha