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How Yoga Can Improve Your Balance: Physical, Energetic & Mental

How Yoga Can Improve Your Balance: Physical, Energetic & Mental---Going to get back into Yoga. Have been looking at baby and mommy Yoga classes for Hadley and I :)

Need to take your workout to the next level? These seven moves will build muscle, strengthen your core and improve agility.

7 Exercises to Improve Balance

Here, Dave Scott talks about the importance of front squats and how to incorporate them into your strength training.

Yoga Journal: Your imagination is a powerful and creative tool for life transformation.

It's All in Your Mind

Emotions like fear or anxiety block the flow of lifeforce in our physical and energetic bodies. Katie Silcox teaches us how to release these blockages and let freedom and joy flow.

site of exercises to improve your balance

Back Extension Exercise – Improve your Balance and Posture!

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Think Yoga is simply for fitness?  Try it for mental health. . . read more in this Huffington Post article

Why Om Is So Good For Mental Health

For all those that sit all day staring at the computer.

Improve Your Posture

People with CF have really bad posture because our shoulders are almost always hunched forward because we cough so often! It's important to sit up straight so our chest doesn't get too weak and crowds our lungs! Good for every person to improve posture!

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Basics of yoga

5 & 6. Seated Cat/Cow Benefits: This complementary pair of poses stretches the entire spine and improves spinal mobility. By arching the back in "cow" pose, you stretch the front torso and chest. In rounded-back "cat" pose, you help to stretch the back of the torso and shoulders. If you have any neck or cervical spine issues, keep the neck in line with the torso throughout these poses.Begin by sitting up straight in a chair. Roll your shoulder blades back and down, arms relaxed at your…

8 Seated Yoga Poses You Can Do from a Chair

If you& intimated by the idea of taking a yoga class, worry no more. You can try this gentle style of yoga that& performed mostly from a seated position. Here are 8 poses to start with.