Must remember for Thanksgiving next year! Dip tip of waffle cone in warm water for about 20 seconds then microwave for 20 seconds. Roll the softened end of the cone around a clean pencil then hold in place for 20 seconds. Little cornucopias.

31 Ghoulish Treats For Your Halloween Feast

Watermelon Easter Bunny

Edible tea cups for kids. Made out of ice cream cones cookies and gummies!!

painted acorns for Thanksgiving decor // holiday tablescape DIY ---nice for Christmas container or table scape even for rustic charm yearround

Chocolate covered Waffle cones with fruit and dip

mini ice cream cones dipped in sprinkles and filled with your choice of candy

The veggie christmas tree is a unique vegetable and dip platter for a holiday party.

party fruit in waffle cones

Beer bottle mustache. That would make a funny groomsman picture

A fun idea for birthday parties or afternoon tea. Buy or make some rice bubble bars, insert ice cream sticks then dip in chocolate melts. Melts available from Build A Birthday:

Baked marbles recipe #2: Put your clear marbles (It's useless to use solid colored ones. You can't see the cracks on the inside.) in a pie pan. Bake them in a preheated 500 degree (farenheit) oven for about 20 minutes. There's no need to go over 20 minutes, though it doesn't hurt them. I tried different times and any left in for over 20 minutes all look the same. Have a metal bowl with ice cold water ready. Remove your marbles and immediately dump them into the water. The marbles crack, you ...


Thanksgiving oreos! #thanksgiving


thanksgiving thankful cresant rolls Before dinner every one writes down on thing they are thankful for. Then you bake them and at dinner guess who's is who's.

Unique place setting idea

{Fall Crafts}

Thanksgiving Luminaries from The Holiday Barn

Aubree's thanksgiving birthday this year!