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gahhh some days.......

errr oops?

My feelings most days

Best. Line. Ever!

Instead of "Have a nice day" I think I'll start saying "Have the day you deserve" You know, let Karma sort that shit out.

i feel like that some days


Everyday :(

Funny Workplace Ecard: If I'm to be forced to work with a bunch of adult-sized children, it should be reasonable that I also get to fingerpaint and take naps.

Ever have one of those days where literally everything pisses you off? Someone could be like


slap.png 420×294 pixels!

Who wants to be normal anyway?!


This is so me!......<MW>... #SomeECards #ECards #myECards #funnyECards #funny #bluntcard

and the days of the week that end in Y.


pretty much