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35 Quotes on Life

La vie est, de sorte que l'embrasser

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c'est la vie...

Seja o tipo de pessoa que vc gostaria de encontrar...

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Another Language, Second Soul - 11x17 typography print, inspirational, teacher gift, travel, map, french, chinese, japanese, spanish

To have another language is to possess a second soul - 11x17 typography print - inspirational quote - school print - travel print - modern - language exchange - french - japanese - korean - chinese - spanish

Thomas S. Monson. Hang in there, Lucifer's greatest tool is discouragement, DON't GIVE IN TO IT, because THAT WOULD SUGGEST YOU THINK HE COULD DEFEAT GOD. There is always a battle because the adversary never rests, but while we rest, we can pray that The Lord will watch over us, both day, and night in our sleep. Alma 37:36-37 LOOK IT UP!

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Crée une vie à l'interieur de laquelle tu te sens bien pas une vie qui paraît bien de l'extérieur