"747 Braniff Place" - Upper Deck "International Lounge" With Panamanian Artwork (1971-ish)

Air Hollywood has restored a [fake] Pan Am 747 plane back to its 1970s glory for a four-hour "flight" experience including a four-course meal, a movie and cocktails.

China Airlines 747 upper deck

Lufthansa 747

TWA 747 - white paint

Braniff Stewardess Picture - Website credit here http://www.aviationexplorer.com/Vintage_Stewardess_Pictures.html

"Europe is only a dream away - when Uncle Sam's your Skipper." Vintage Pan Am ad. Can't wait until I can take my girls to Europe aboard a big Delta jet!

Flight Attendant, Cabin Crew, Hostess, TWA, StarStream, Convair 880, 1968

PSA crew w/ jet engine

Braniff 747

Braniff Airlines

Luxury jets

Braniff poster


Lower deck lounge on a 747… back in the day.

Airbus A380 Cabin

Classic shot of 747

Upper deck lounge action aboard UAL Boeing 747, 1972.

Flight deck

American Airlines 747 Lounge 1971

Concorde Cockpit