Backyard Landscape Solutions

I love the idea of grass being minimal and maximizing the plant space. The wave design of the grass. Also, the plant colors are minimal, which makes it feel more natural to me.

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Brick garden path inspired by Alice in Wonderland. Love the curvy path, random brick pattern, and all the blue flowers!

A beleza e a exuberância das Glicínias!

Lavender-colored Wisteria on a wooden Pergola. I absolutely adore hanging Wisteria

Woodland Garden: A curvaceous pea gravel path directs the visitor through the woodland garden located at the back and back side of the house. Description from I searched for this on

Meandering green path through a dappled grove: use UC Verde grass & clover & low rainfall pasture mix? Then drought tolerant shade natives for miniature gardens throughout the grass path.

I bet these could be made w/ some concrete and a homemade mold using old fence planks... I also like the natural look of just using old pallet planks or fence planks laid out in the same manner.  garden, untitled, by Maureen Anne on flickr

Garden Design Ideas & Inspiration : I want to walk down that path. Pinned to a Garden Design by Darin Bradbury.

Round fire pit with path and greenery..

[What a great yard. Privacy, abundance of plants, large gathering space, and even a hammock.] Circular seating area with fire + hammock

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Stacked Stone Bench ~ Features That Create an Outstanding Garden ~ Add Interest. Focus a space with benches, birdbaths, containers, boulders, and sculpture. Here's a good way to use my leftover granite - right along the path .