Lucas Bernardini.

Lucas Bernardini, um hi

Once upon a time I thought trench coats were creepy.... Then I started watching British television.

Funny pictures about The magic of trench coats. Oh, and cool pics about The magic of trench coats. Also, The magic of trench coats.

Christian Bale- I want to rape this man

Christian Bale Photos of



Abercrombie Parijs

Oh look.the Eiffel tower.wish those Abercrombie and Fitch models would move so I could get a better view.

Christian Bale

Christian Bale, no matter what men might pop up in Hollywood, Christian will always be my number one. Not only is he beautiful, he's seriously the greatest actor of all time.

75 sarados do cinema: Ryan Gosling em Amor a Toda Prova

Que calor! Os 75 sarados mais espetaculares do cinema

Ryan Gosling ~ Emma Stone’s character in ‘Crazy Stupid Love’ said it all to Ryan's Jacob: “Seriously, it’s like you're photo-shopped.” We couldn’t agree more -- Ryan’s abs are on another level of hotness ~ Hollywood's Most Ab-tastic Stars

This is the boy who secretly starred in The Sound of Music. :o (from the Pacifier. Lol. Not the actual play or movie. Im overexplaining, arent I?)  "No. Definally not." ~M

Cam Gigandet, please marry me. Oh tattoo, dear god.

Kayne Lawton... I don't know who you are, but as far as I'm concerned you're a very delicious new find... you have officially won a seat on the Double Scoop board! yum!

i now want an australian rugby player! (Kaine Lawton: Australian rugby player (and named one of the country's most-eligible bachelors).

Vince Vaughn, Actor:  Born in Buffalo Grove, 1970 and Graduated from Lake Forest, High School in 1988.

Vince Vaughn - Pretty sure we would be best friends

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Channing Tatum

I thought this the moment I saw The Vow trailer! :D lilmisstude I thought this the moment I saw The Vow trailer! :D I thought this the moment I saw The Vow trailer!

Christian Bale poster, mousepad, t-shirt, #celebposter

Christian Bale poster

Christian Bale poster, mousepad, t-shirt, #celebposter

Soooo Handsome

Johnny Depp - Again another actor who is able to play any role laid in front of him. What I love is that he is great and sexy, but he doesn't seem too arrogant or cocky about it.

I have to... can't believe Eastern Orthodox and Ryan Gosling have been combined for anything. lol

Hey girl, Tony Abbott sucks let's vote Greens Feminist Ryan Gosling

Мэттью Макконахи: 19 тыс изображений найдено в Яндекс.Картинках

Matthew Mcconaughey/ I had problems pinning this one. didn't know where to pin it. thing I really like. things I want. so I thought I would just leave it at PEOPLE I ADMIRE.