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Husband and Wife dance team Bambi Linn and Rod Alexander on Your Show of Shows, 1950 Bambi Lynn studied with Agnes De Mille and began her career in Ballet Theater in 1941. She appeared in the original Stage production of 'Carousel' as Billy Bigelow's daughter and was "Dream Laurie" in the movie Oklahoma. Bambi and Rod were early TV favorites. Rod also did some choreography for Stage and screen such as 'Best Things in Life Are Free' (1956) and Carousel (1956.)

Dancing is a means of releasing energy, and healing, often connecting souls with each other and the other side. We are energy beings who vibrate to frequency. Our feelings and emotions are energy, and as such are meant to express, to release, to move.

I cannot remember the tutu from a short programme that I have in Dresden and at Sadler's Wells, and cannot for the life of me remember what the programme was called

strong dancer's legs: Jorgen by CPRowe Photography, via Flickr 5705810955

Taylor was surprised to see that her favorite Oz man was a tapper. Ray Bolger was incredible.