go dark.

Eye Enlarging Makeup

gothic beauty, dark lips, dark eyes, pale skin #makeup

new kinda look im going 4; none- really light eye makeup, dark red lips. this model isn't doing this but red eyeshadow underneath the eye, really really long lashes.

Dark Wine

beautiful dark vampy lips and dark smoky eyes


Dark lips

I really love the edgy, smokey, dark eyeshadow, but I mostly (ok, always) go nautral :) sometimes I might do a darker look, but I'll blend the crap out of it.

Smoky Eye Makeup Tutorial. #makeup #howto #tutorial #beauty #smokey #smoky #eyes #eyeshadow #cosmetics #beautiful #pretty #love

Gorgeous eye makeup.

Dark eyes.


How to Put on Eyeliner to Enhance Your Eyes | I really like the simplicity of the eye makeup, and how the eyeliner gives the color moreover eyeshadow.

go dark....

Dark eyes

If I could afford nothing but Mac I would

this beautiful dark queen makes us look boring with our normal make up!!!!!!!

Extreme Wings with Dark Pink Lipstick