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This is what happened to me when I walked out the front door this morning! I have officially turned into a snowman

One of the most fun things to do when the snow starts falling is to build a snowman. Although, for the more creative people out there, a snowman may just be too easy. These master sculptors made some amazing things out of snow!

Something the girls & I would do

Bucket List: Visit the Leaning Tower of Pisa! One day this will be me pushing over The Leaning Tower of Pisa.

I need to do this to the first car I see next time it snows!!

Make a car Snow Face and 20 Ways to Enjoy the Snow in these Snow Day Ideas on Frugal Coupon Living.

Snowman | Silly Snowman, If we let you in then you'd melt! | Sam Hill | Flickr

These 30 Crazy Snowman Ideas Would Make Calvin And Hobbes Proud - - some of these are pretty gruesome

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Funniest toilet paper art I have ever seen. Of course, it is the only toilet paper art I have ever seen, but it is still hilarious!

Merry Christmas from us at The Laughter Ward. It's been a fun year and we are looking forward to another year full of fun and insanity.