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Who would've thought a bathing suit could lead to entrapping a man?

Cringeworthy, politically incorrect advertising at its best

After the series "27 Vintage Ads That Would Be Banned Today", today here's a new selection of retro and vintage advertisements, sexist or completely inappropria

16 sexist or inappropriate advertisements from the past

funny and shocking

The outrageously politically incorrect adverts from the time equality forgot

Here's another group of vintage sexist ads collected from here and there. These are too much fun. Need more Sexist Vintage Ads, see part I here >> Vintage Sexist Ads

Nothing says glamor like this 40s era ad for Bile Beans, a laxative remedy for all kinds of complaints.

"Take Two Bile Beans And Call Me In The Morning" (And Other Vintage Ads)

1959....yeah just what I want for Christmas after all that holiday eating, a scale.

I wonder if this company was in cahoots with the local divorce lawyer.just sayin'.

vintage typewriters (especially pink or turquoise-colored ones)

A typewriter isn't needed but it represents story writing. In a game a story is a big part of the game itself. A script is a good thing to have, especially if there are going to be voice actors. This is just where you can buy a typewriter shown.