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looks good!!!

5 Bottles of Bourbon NEVER to see ice or water

Usually by the middle to end of January there is enough snow on the ground around here in NJ to make things fun. Just 1000 shades of grey. The ground is frozen solid.

Bourbon Negroni. I could get down with this.

Cocktails in Bloom: 107 Spring Drinks -- Grub Street New York

The Zuiderzee Cocktail featuring Krogstad Aquavit from Oregon  - Foodista.com

The Zuiderzee Cocktail featuring Krogstad Aquavit from Oregon

There is something eerie and very mysterious about Krogstad Aquavit. First of all Aquavit comes from the place in the world best known for iconic flavors. From pickled herring with cream and onions, to smoked salmon slathered with sour cream a

Can't wait for NYE with Hoosier Momma bar! Foodista can't either! Best New Year's Day Bloody Mary in America? I think so.  - Foodista.com

Best New Year's Day Bloody Mary in America? I think so.

Is Hoosier Momma the best Bloody Mary mix in America? Is it the blast of celery? The creamy smooth, yet robust texture of the tomatoes, a quick tang of citrus juices and the spike of hot peppers?

deep dark cocktail secrets

photo: Warren Bobrow - Leica Summicron Four A’s and a J I created the Four A’s and a J for my wife, Julie- who always got straight A’s in school. This combination of charred Driscoll Strawberries (always organic) mudd

@warrenbobrow1's latest creation:    The Little Bit Tipsy #Cocktail    Char oranges until crispy, try to cut away as much bitter white pith as you can before charring. Set to cool    Muddle the blood oranges in a cocktail shaker until they release their secrets- you'll know by the aroma when they're ready    Add:  1 Shot Carpano Antica Formula  2 Shots Alchemia Ginger Vodka  1 Shot Tenneyson Absinthe  Shake well   Finish with two drops of Bitter End Moroccan Bitters and a splash of Perrier

Just a little bit tipsy

My first visit to Charleston, Sc since 1990 has stimulated my cocktail creativity. In two weeks I'll be judging the Iron Cocktail event at the Charleston Wine and Food Festival. Cheers and enjoy!