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    Compact Stella Cherry Tree - Sweet Cherry Trees | Tart Cherry Trees | Low Chill Cherries - Willis Orchard Company

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    The Compact Stella breaks all the rules and is a must for the home gardener with limited space. This semi-dwarf (10-12 ft) cherry tree produces large, dark-red fruit that is firm and sweet. The Compact Stella has delicious fruit that is more resistant to cracking. The tree is small and compact, bears at a young age, and is self-fertile. What more do you want? Fruit ripens in late July, and requires 700 to 800 chill hours.

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About Bartlett Pear Tree... The Bartlett Pear Tree is the #1 pear in the world with juicy white flesh. This delicious large pear has a round bell shape on the bottom and a short neck on the top half. Bartlett is a self-fertile variety however it produces much better when planted with a partner. These famous fruits ripen in August. (800 Chill Hours)

Cherry Compact Stella If you only have room for one sweet cherry tree then the Compact Stella sweet cherry tree is a good one to plant. It will grow to approx 3m and can be pruned into a vase shape for easy netting to keep birds off ripening fruit.    It produces a heavy crop of dark red fleshed red skinned cherries ripening Dec-Jan depending on what part of the country youre in and is self fertile. Plant your cherry tree in a spot with good airflow to avoid fungal damage and minimise splitting

Cherries are our first fruits of the summer! Dwarf Cherry (Prunus Avium 'Compact Stella') is a richly flowering cherry producing baskets full of delectable sweet-tasting fruits. Just imagine picking fresh cherries from the garden or decking, as our Dwarf Cherry can also be planted in a pot. Dwarf Cherry provides magnificent, deep crimson, almost black fruit.

Cherries are one of my favorite fruits, but they have gotten expensive. So growing my own in containers seems like a great option. The best fruit trees for pots are dwarf varieties that produce full-sized fruit. Good cherries include 'Compact Stella' and 'Maynard Mini Stem'.

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Cherry Stella - Prunus avium 'Stella' (Code: WCHST) The best flavoured self-fertile cherry bearing extremely sweet juicy fruit. Can be kept to only 3m high with fan training and it will still drip with clusters of almost black fruit with deep red flesh. Self-pollinating. Fruiting Dec to Jan Retail $32.95 , Members $29.95

Dwarf cherry, for patio in large pot, with grafts of 3 different kinds of cherries: Stella, Sunburst, & Crown Morello, good for pies & jams. www.thompson-morg...

Coral Champagne Cherry Tree: Coral Champagne requires only 400 chilling hours to produce an abundant crop of cherries! Grows in zones 6-9b

The Sam Houston peach was fittingly developed in the “Lone Star” state by Texas A The tree requires only 500 chill hours to fruit. It the stunning pink flowers of this variety does not catch your attention, their fragrance surely will. The sweet smell of spring gives way to the sweet, yellow flesh of this peach come late June. The Sam Houston peach is large, self-fertile and freestone with a small pit. All of these attributes make for a wonderful new variety to add to your backyard or orch...

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