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  • Elle

    A ballerina standing En Pointe. Pointe shoes (Ballet shoes) have a small amount of padding to help aid the toes, but basically, you can see it's the strength of the human foot allowing for this extreme dance position. Dancers are STRONG!

  • gina jungmann

    en pointe dancers feet - Google Search

  • Kasey McCarver

    Dancers feet with incredible beauty, grace and great pain

  • David Krae

    Inside those toe shoes, the feet aren't what most would call beautiful. But power and strength is always beautiful.

  • Julie Wallace

    always wanted to be a ballet dancer when i was a kid.....

  • Christina Ruiz

    the beauty of ballerinas feet

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could be a drama kid putting on their costum, or a basketball player tieing their shoes, this could be about what they do for their pregame or to get stage fright out of their head.

She looks like a princess...but much better than the Disney ones.

Ballet Fitness - keep in shape ..[click the photo twice]..Anastasia Matvienko, photo by Gene Schiavone.

Truly in all my time as a dancer, one of the best feelings is breaking in a pointe shoes and making it your own.

You don't need feet like bananas to have beautiful lines, as long as you use what you have.

i miss ballet (& i never thought i'd say that)