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    This cool little hand-held gadget purifies any glass of water in 48 seconds.

    Water is the single-most important element on Earth. That said, most water found in the wild contains contaminants such as bacteria and protozoa. Even if you're not going camping any time soon, it's a good idea to know how to purify water. The most common method of treating water is by boiling it. Knowing how to properly boil water will save you a...

    How And Why To Use Pool Shock To Make Your Own Bleach And Purify Water

    Pool Shock: Purify Water for Years...

    STERIPEN SIDEWINDER - Crank it up! This eco-friendly, portable UV water purifier requires no batteries to purify 1L of water in 90 seconds. The 8,000-dose UV light destroys viruses, bacteria and protozoa. No parts to replace or clean, Sidewinder is always ready. Includes BPA-Free bottle and Pre-Filter. Perfect for campers or emergency use.

    Septic tank system

    Human Powered Kitchen Appliances | Hand Crank Kitchen Gadgets | Non-Electric Kitchens

    binchotan charcoal sticks to purify your water $22

    water pump. Love it.

    Have you had too much to drink? This smartphone breathalizer tells you if it's safe to drive home.

    Stovetop Still/Pasteurizer Water Purifier

    Survival items - Iodine - 5-10 drops to a quart of water can purify the water for drinking -- could save your life!

    Emergency Duct Tape Field Stretcher. Hope to never need it but knowing how would be helpful. Besides, you can't have too much duct tape.

    Living Without Running Water: A Practical Guide - What One Family Learned From This 48-Hour Experiment

    DIY Solar Water Heating: Cut your water heating bills 50% with this sun-powered solution! You can install a solar hot water kit yourself to supplement your existing system and save on energy costs. The system will often pay for itself in several years. -Overview: How a solar hot water system works -A dependable, affordable DIY system

    13 Ways To Clean Your Gadgets With Everyday Items #home #cleaning #advice #tips #tricks #clean

    Grocery Gadget-Hold back tears, this app is about to save your life. It has your grocery list, it allows you to share said grocery list with other people on other devices, it takes photos, it memorizes aisles, AND it compares prices. Done. Over. :: faints ::

    How to Purify Water With Hydrogen Peroxide

    The Water Wheel