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This cool little hand-held gadget purifies any glass of water in 48 seconds.

Pool Shock: Purify Water for Years...

Survival card.

When all you have is a glass bottle. you can purify water in 48hrs, instead of 6hrs as with a plastic bottle.

5 Ways of Purifying Water for Drinking in an Emergency Situation - Food Storage and Survival

get the water out of your well when the power goes off

Creating Water Proof Matches

"Off Grid Water and Sewer. An article on different systems for energy, water, heating, etc. SHARE this with people looking to live in a more independent set up."

Water Tower Zombie Safe House!!

binchotan charcoal sticks to purify your water $22

5 Ways to Purify Water | #preparedness #survival #water

How And Why To Use Pool Shock To Make Your Own Bleach And Purify Water

SHTF Medical Article of the Day: How to Purify Water With Hydrogen Peroxide

3 Emergency Water Filtration Options to Get the Funky Chunks Out + Berkey Giveaway Sept 8-13, 2014

Uzi Tactical Aluminum pen with glass breaker and concealed handcuff key.

100,000 Gallons of Water for your Bug Out Bag!

The UZI Tactical Defender Pen allows users to break glass, obtain DNA samples from attackers, get out of handcuffs, and to write.

Inventor Jailed for making this video ... Suppressed Technology

Better safe than sorry, I always say. Great stocking stuffer idea for the nature lover, hiker, outdoorsman, or for a disaster kit. #water #filter #safety #outdoors #gift

How To Install Your Own Off The Grid Well - SHTF Preparedness

Make a Solar Water Heater for Under $5 "A word of warning, this panel works VERY WELL. We tested it on a very sunny day and within seconds the water coming out of the panel was hot enough TO SCALD. I burned my fingers."