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LOL! good idea! To help students remember...

25 Clever Classroom Tips For Elementary School Teachers. Tons of great ideas that I never would have thought of. One was making reminder bracelets for kids if you really want them to remember something.

hot glue tacks to clothes pins, hanging kids art, etc has never been so easy!

To hang pictures/ important papers from cork board// Glue tacks to clothespins to hang pics on bulletin boards. Makes it SO easy to switch out pictures without damaging them.

Class attendance on a lanyard - great idea for fire drills, assemblies, etc.

Perfect to keep by the classroom door to use for emergency drills. Class roster on a lanyard; easy attendance in case of emergencies. {image only} Secondary teachers could make a flip book so they had each class roster on one lanyard.

I saw this idea here on Pinterest made on chart paper...so I made my own "Poster"...I LOVE IT!

Just another bit of spunk and a hint of classroom management. This creative poster is a way to insure that your students are always looking thier best. via valerie noles

Simple, easy way to transform your reading table- ribbon and fabric! Too cute- I need to pin this for my room next year.

I need to make this no sew table skirt! I really want to make a table skirt for one of my side tables to create a 'hidden' storage place, and this one by kranz requires no sewing - yay! She used velcro and hot glue :)

Kids would love this!!

essential for grading papers-kids will dig it. But as in real FB I feel like I'll also be wishing for that "dislike" button/stamp!

ribbon bookmarks glued into back of notebook... Do this to agenda next year

Glue ribbon to back cover of notebook to use as a bookmark in journals. - Great idea to help the kids stay on the correct page in their journals!I kind of want to do math or science journals next year!

Great teacher tip! Assign one student as the "Ask Me" person kids can go to when you're already working with a small group.

Great idea for classroom job! One student is selected to be the "Ask Me" person (to help students who need assistance) while the teacher works with small groups-no disruptions for the teacher! Kids would love to take turns doing this!

Cheap whiteboards using laminated card stock and duct tape for edges! cute and lightweight.

Dry erase with cardstock, laminating, and duct tape. Place the plastic sheet over the cardboard and tape around the edges. Presentation board and two rolls of duct tape: final cost, just over 50 cents each!

No More Name Plates - this teacher writes the students names on their desks with sharpie paint pens and when the names need to come off you just cover with an expo dry-erase marker then wipe off with a kleenex and viola! So smart!

No More Name Plates. I have done this since my first year teaching! I had a very smart mentor! Sharpie paint pen, to remove cover w/expo marker, wipe off with tissue