Put a picture in a mason jar and add olive oil.

Do It Yourself - Vintage Pictures In Mason Jars

Search thru the boxes of broken watches at Antique swap meets and make sepia prints of family photos and reduce to fit! Great mother's gifts!

Tutorial for Mason Jar Citronella Oil Lamps to keep the bugs away

storage jars

A mason jar to keep photos from different vacations, as well as sand and shells (or whatever you get at vacations other than the beach)..

DIY Hanging Mason Jar Lamp- (picture tutorial)

Create a mason jar luminary ~ similar to a scatter candle ~ the easy way.

Awesome Mason Jar Christmas Idea!

DIY: Mason Jar Pin Cushion by pleasenotepaper #Pin_Cushion #Mason_Jar #pleasenotepaper

DIY: Memories In A Jar

This is truly the BEST play dough recipe ever,and if you add dry koolaid instead of food coloring, you have smell-o-riffic dough! The glitter for fairy play dough idea too!

Spray paint over stickers on mason jars to create festive luminaries!

Make solar garden lights! Find a glass jar, paint the inside with Elmer glue tinted the color you want and then go to the DOLLAR TREE and buy a solar light. Wala! Outdoor lights for nearly nothing!

colored mason jar

mason jar chandelier

Remember all those glass jars you threw out? (er, I mean recycled?). Well, look what you can do instead! Just take any paper, pages out of an old book, newspaper, magazines, and cut out a heart shape, or any shape, wherever you want the light to come through, glue it lightly to the inside of the jar, add a votive, and Voila, you just UPCYCLED!- you could even use sheet music

DIY mason jar straw lids

for the bathroom!