Formica Table & Vinyl Chairs

Sticky, rubbery goodness

Yesterday's Kitchen Aid! Egg beater. my family had one exactly like this!

Living Room Sofa and Chair forts - the BEST!

This was where we did our was a huge deal when my dad bought us our own set so then we didn't have to go to the library every time we needed to research something

Lawn Darts

THIS is exactly what your "potty chair" looked like! Daddy brought home a book titled "How to Potty Train you child in 24 hrs." You, the book, and the chair...24 hrs? I don't think lol.

These used to be all over the place ~ and kids could easily buy from it.

Remember When??? Moon boots were a 'must have' for me in the late 70's~ Do kids today love them like we did?

My grandma had one of these and I've always wanted my own.

Popsicle...broke in half to share - they were good back in my days...nothing like todays!

totally had this!!!!

World Book so much use out of our set...

highchairs looking like this!

A fun, fun game as a child.

Remember these? We made hundreds of them!

Fisher-Price Breakfast Set

Fun times! always got to ride on these.

The beginning of "all natural".

Speakers at the drive for your for the car on the other side of you....what fun it was!!!!