Message inside an egg

Super cute

Remember: Doing Nice Things for your family is just as good as for strangers. Leave a nice unexpected note for you kids or husband, a roommate- or even at your siblings or parents house when you visit. Dont tell them about it- just leave it for them to find. A sweet loving message or a thank you or an encouragement. Any kind word is good. The Art of the Surprise Note ...

Egg Confetti. Fun!

Dekoracja w filiżance I know it's not a cake, but I want to do a cascade of sugar eggs onto a cake for easter...

#DIY Hanging vases made from used light bulbs.

Paper flowers

The Right Way to GIFT MONEY! Love the folded money Tees packed in a tiny handmade suitcase! Perfect retirement gift, wedding gift, Travel abroad gift, etc via I Waste So Much Time

DIY idea!

Toilet Paper Roll Advent Calendar - would paint green and red. Behind each hole put a piece of paper to pull out each day with activity - ex. Make popcorn string, go caroling etc

DIY Surprise Rainbow Party Invitation by Mr Printable

Cute message in an egg

52 Things... - 52 things I love about you

Not a message in a bottle, but a sweet message in a decorated egg!

Create your own exploding love box and fill the 24+ flaps with pictures and personalized messages

Gift idea!

Love this!!! Have family and friends write messages on balloons and mail them for a birthday surprise!!! (Instruct everyone to blow up the balloon, write a message, sign it, deflate it, and mail. This way they have to inflate the balloon to read the message)

Fun idea! Make your own scratch off!.... another great idea to do for a special person one day

7 days of love- perfect present for someone going away for a week with candy and notes. Cute!

The tutorial calls for googly eyes but in the pic, its rivets.