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  • Megan

    AMEN "I don't know if you know this, but your boobs *and butt cheeks go inside your shirt*/shorts." -ecard

  • Tawny Bungay

    wow. this really applies for many. some girls with ACTUAL big boobs may be showing a LITTLE cleavage. Do not pull your shirt down to your fricken belly button to try to show that you have boobs!

  • Lacey Mullis

    Amen. Be classy not trashy!

  • Charlotte Mitchell

    AMEN!!!! I sure wish some people knew this! I get tired of looking at their boobs every time I see them.....UGH!!!

  • Janice Parker

    So funny!! I always think this when I see someone's boobs more than their face!

  • Kate StubbyWubby

    Bahahahaha. Makes me think of Christina Aguilera

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