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Where I'd like to be tomorrow, with a great book!!!

this makes me want to sleep outside!

Yes, in my cottage house we have... no, that's the Other cottage house, I mean the one...

Sleeping nook with a gypsy vibe--a sleeping nook will be necessary in my future home. I can't believe I've gone so long without one

Ahhh.... Geolocation ? Join the SOYK project, our secret boards & take/launch your first geocaching challenge. See the board Somewhere Only You Know

{Sleeping Porch} oh, to wake up amongst the trees!

I love these vintage plates so much I was to eat them and not just off them. (Floral ones from Cath Kidtson...of course!)

I'm having conflicting feelings. I know I want my future bedroom to have the open windows, but I don't know whether I would need to see woods or the beach!

this is a dream! pallet swing... however, the song "Rock-a-bye, baby" came to mind when I saw know, the part about "when the bough breaks the cradel will fall"? Better make sure it's a strong bough! LOL

There are days I really WOULD love if this were possible! LOL