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You know who wears sunglasses inside? Blind people and assholes. #Sunglasses #FunnyStatus

Amen amen! WHY do some people even after being told you don't want to talk about it continue to ask for details???

From the moment I first saw you, I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life avoiding you lolsotrue 1387

it doesn't get my sister to shut the hell up.....

I say this about people all the time! I also look at children and make this prediction.Yep, Laugh, Funny Shit, Quotes, Funny Pictures, Scoreboard, Funny Stuff, Humor, Basements

It's okay if your thighs touch. It just means your one step closer to being a mermaid. So hey, who's the real winner? @Chloe Allen Allen Allen Beam @Olivia García García García Beam