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Dynasty 206

Han Dynasty

Dynasty China

Early Western

Western Han

Chinese Horses

Asian Horses

206 100

Sculpture Horses

Horse, China, early Western Han dynasty, 206-100 B.C Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Currently not on view

Horse Eastern

Eastern Han

Chinese Eastern

Earthenware Green

Horse Draw

Horse Art

Han Horse

Horse 25

Glazed Horse

China. Red earthenware green-glazed Horse, Eastern Han dynasty, A.D. 25–220

Bactrian Ancient

Bactrian Female

Bactrian Figure

Composite Stone

Composite Figure

Margiana Late

2500 Ac

2500 1800

1800 Bc

Bactrian female figure, Late 3rd - Early 2nd millennium B.C.

Clay Horses

Wood Horses

Imaginary Horses

Horses Statues

Horse Standing

Horse Ceramic

Horse Sculptures

Horse Art

Tang Horses

China, Tang Dynasty pottery sculpture.

906 Early

Early 8Th

Century China

8Th Century

Oriental Horses

Master Horse

Rider Tang

Sancai Glaze

Dynastie Tang

Horse and rider, Tang dynasty (618–906), early 8th century China - Earthenware with three-color (sancai) glaze and pigment

Bronze Galloping

Galloping Horse

Chinese Sculptures

Asian Sculpture

Bronze Sculpture

Chinese Horses

Asian Horses

Representative Sculpture

Famous Representative

The Ancient Chinese Bronze Galloping Horse Treading on a Flying Swallow (马踏飞燕). Unearthed in 1969 in the Leitai Tomb of the Eastern Han Dynasty (25-220) in Wuwei County, Gansu Province. The bronze statue is a famous representative sculpture of the Han Dynasty.

Tang Dynasty Horse

Han Dynasty Art

Dynasty 618

906 Ce

618 906

China'S Ceramic

Ceramic Horse

Equine Sculpture

Sculpture Figurine

Prencing Horse China Tang Dynasty (618 - 906 AD) Painted Terracotta H: 14" (Tested by Oxford Authentication Lab)

Sculptures 41

Sculptures Artifacts

Sculpture Horses

Sculptures Animaux

Pottery Sculptures

Red Pottery

Asian Pottery

Chinese Pottery

Chinese Horses


Dynasty Arts

Tang Dynasty Art

Dynasty Tri

Dynasty History

Chinese Horses

Asian Horses

Chinese Tack

Chinese Figurunes

Dynasty Earthenware

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Han Horse

Horse In

Art Horses

Art Ancient Chinese Han

Chinese Artifacts

Antique Chinese

Favorite Horses

Cheryl'S Favorite

Chinese Han Dynasty

Chinese pottery horse from Westrn Han dynasty

Nisean Horses

Tang Horses

Horse Artist

Artist Artist

Artist Unknown

Ceramics Ancient Asian

Chinese Ceramics

Ceramics Art

Arts China

Tang Dynasty Horse 618AD

907 Bc

618 907

Dynasty Earthenware

Earthenware Figure

Dynasty Ceramics

Horses In Art

Horses Images

Wood Horses

Chinese Horses


Dynasty China

Tang Dynasty Art

Dynasty 618

Dynasty Tomb

Dynasty Circa

Virtual Artifacts

Artful Artifacts

Artifacts Archaeology

Whinnying Horse

Whinnying Horse - Tang Dynasty

Tang Horses

Horses Terracotas

Saddle China

Chinese Horses

Pottery Horses

Horses Sculpture

China Tang

Tang Dynasty

Love Of Horse

Horse. Tang Dynasty.

Zoo Horse

Han Horses

Horse Art

Horse Picts

Equus Sculpture

Horse Sculptures

Horse Modeled

Antik Horses

Statue Modeled

This eye catching ceramic Horse statue is modeled after statues from the Tang Dynasty.

Han Horses

Horses Donkeys

Art Horses

Chinese Roof

Art Chinese

Chinese Antique

Chinese Horses

Asian Horses

Tombs Artifacts

Tang Heavenly Horse. Once in exhibit, "Imperial Tombs of China.

Ceramic Statues

Ad Ceramic

Dynasty Ceramic

Ceramic Horses

25 220

220 Ad

Chinese Horses

Asian Horses

Horses Book

a prancing horse and a cavalryman on horseback, Eastern Han Dynasty (25-220 AD) During the Han dynasty (206 BC–220 AD), records tell of a Chinese expedition to Fergana (in present-day Uzbekistan) and the superior horses which were acquired.[13]

China Finial

Finial Dingshi

Civilización China Han

China Han Dynasty

Dynasty 206

Chinese Bronze Ancient

Ancient China

Ancient Persian

Chinese Antique

Northwest China Finial (Dingshi) with Two Horses, Han dynasty, 206 B.C.-A.D. 220 Metalwork, Cast bronze

Gray Sculpture

Bridge Sculpture

Ceramic Sculpture Art

Sculptures Statues Monuments

Horse Sculptures

Sculptures Children

Sculpture Instalation

Sculpture Installation Diorama

Sculpture Mobiles

Feeder by Eoghan Bridge

Late Western

Western Han

Cotta Musée

Cotta Owl

Terra Cotta

Dynasty 206

Dynasty Owl

Copy Stéphane

Piera Musée

Owl / 1st century B.C. Late Western Han Dynasty (206 B.C. – 9 A.D.) Painted terra cotta, Musée Cernuschi, Paris

Horses Eyes

Horses Terracotas

Art Scrap Ancient

Ancient Carved

Eyes Highlight

Palace Nimrud

Museum Tomorrow

West Palace

History Scenery Sites

9th C. BCE. The horses' eyes highlight the early use of perspective in bas-relief. Neo-Assyrian fragment north-west palace Nimrud.