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The TIME Vault: 1955

"That might be two guys there, making out. It's hard to say -- some of the Hell's Angels' women dressed in biker boots, vests and jean jackets, just like the Angels did. But that's the sort of thing they would do all the time, just to freak people out. As if to say, 'What're you looking at? You got a problem with this?"

BLACK PAST PHOTO OF THE DAY: When Bessie Stringfield tossed pennies onto a map of the United States, she did more than decide where to steer her motorcycle. She created a legacy. Born in Feb. of 1911 in Kingston, Jamaica, Bessie was the daughter of a domestic servant (Maria Ellis) and her employer (James Ferguson), both of whom died of smallpox shortly after migrating to Boston, Mass., in 1916. Bessie was then adopted by a woman who raised her and gave her — on the occasion of her 16th…

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Shedding a light on the psyche of war: Zippo lighters from U.S. troops fighting in Vietnam give a unique insight into life under fire

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