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  • Jessie Manichia

    Useless facts!! not sure how many of these are actually true, but I quite enjoy random facts lol

  • Joey Ting

    Random facts. I only repinned this for the fact @ wedding ring finger! I never knew that!

  • Abbey Buchanan

    fun facts... Mind blown!

  • Mary Perez

    funny facts. Figures about Isaac Newton, the guy who invented calculus because the plague canceled college. ;)

  • Victoria Lopez

    Some interesting facts. Random fact of the week idea?

  • Yasmin Tutt

    fun facts :)the only one I know isn't true is the wedding ring one coz all of your veins connect with the heart

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I like the last one......I knew I liked her for a reason!

You have more than 6 to work with... I know for a fact that some of these are true. Others I don't know enough about. Judge for yourself.

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