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i do a lot of thing

Just doin' my thing. {On the bright side, they spelled "a lot" correctly.

12 of the worst wedding proposals.  Reminds me of my proposal.....sitting in a puddle of urine!

12 Hilariously Bad Wedding Proposals - worst marriage proposals

Toys R Us stipulates the savings of Pulling Out....omg!!! Lmao!

solid advice…Probably not the best wording for a Babies R Us and Toys R Us ad. these are funny!

WHAT A DEAL!!!  (Found in Japan)

Engrish - found in Japan

20 weird things about America. I realize how incredibly strange these are now that I've traveled!

20 weird things about America.

20 Weird Things About America that Americans Don't Realize are Weird So true! The only thing I find kind of normal is No. 11 - the pickles.

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 63 Pics

Thank you, snarky sign letter rearranger! I’m sure this chiropractic office thanks you too.

Oh the irony.  I am once again reminded of the many stupid people in this world.

The most ironic apostrophe fail of all time. You'd think a company called apostrophe would get it right.

think testicles

think testicles