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I just like the script font ~ studded hearts ink tattoo inspiration freja beha erichsen redemption arm

betheocean ♥

cross my heart and hope to die. I was actually going to get this, except have a painted-on style of an X (representing the "cross my heart" line)

Tatuajes sobre viajes

Tatuajes sobre viajes

46 Perfectly Lovely Travel Tattoos - Coordinates of my favorite place visited?

A Navy Seal told his wife it was bad luck to get a tattoo of a loved ones name, so she got a piece of his "if I don't come home" letter on her arm in his memory <3 God Bless Our Troops

Her husband was in the military and in his memory, she got part of his ‘if I don’t come home’ letter tattooed on her. It says, “Just remember, no matter what, that I love you more than any other person who has ever been loved. Never doubt that.

choose not a life of imitation tattoo red black text

Des jolies typo pour un tatouage


Inspiring image fashion, float, freja beha, model, tattoo - Resolution - Find the image to your taste

cute idea...but would change the words to "The art of a sailor is to leave nothing to chance" or "Greatness is not where we stand, but in what direction we are moving"

For anyone who doesn't "get" it, I believe the anchor represents everything in your life that works against you and tries to bring you down. While the quote clearly states you aren't willing to allow those things to sink you.

Temporary tattoo. Maybe as part of a Halloween costume? $5 for 2


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