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Steve McCurry’s iconic photograph of a young Afghan girl in a Pakistan refugee camp appeared on the cover of National Geographic magazine’s June 1985 issue and became the most famous cover image in the magazine’s history.

Linguagem Fotográfica - Steve McCurry | Fotografia Dicas

Linguagem Fotográfica - Steve McCurry

Afghan Girl by Steve McCurry. Steve McCurry is an American photojournalist best known for his photograph "Afghan Girl" which originally appeared in National Geographic.

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Imagens da semana 340

20 yrs. passed between photos-distinctly remember that issue

The 'Afghan Girl'. Her Iconic Photo Appeared On The Cover Of National Geographic In Her Piercing Sea-Green Eyes - Became A Symbol Both Of The Afghan Conflict & Of The Refugee Situation Worldwide. She Was Finally Found & Rephotographed In

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The Afghan girl with the stunning eyes, made famous in a 1985 National Geographic, cover was found with a fake ID in Pakistan. Almost three decades ago, the Afghan girl — who was approximately .