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Twitter / Gallery - #RomneyHood

Twitter / Gallery - #RomneyHood

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This is why we need fighting Dems in the house, not conservative ones.

#MorningMotivation #Quote "Direction is so much more important then speed. Many are going nowhere fast"

Vote them out !!!


Sounds like the Republican platform.

THE PEOPLE AT WAR SHOULD GET EVEN BENEFITS TO THOSE IN WASHINGTON,amen to that.our troops should get more benefits than our politicians,and our president,and vice president,is a DISGRACE to America,and our armed forces.



What an interesting pattern. Mind you that's only 3 of MANY countries now in turmoil. Who's the real terrorist? pic.twitter.com/LUgNlG3SRq

Wouldn't life be perfect if...

good to keep in mind

would you be more careful....?

...Be gentle with yourself.

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Your life, your choices

Disgusting Truth. Next time you watch TV. Made by billionaires, starring millionaires.....that all think your money should be distributed not their money! They all vote demoncrap! Wake up!