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Twitter / Gallery - #RomneyHood

Twitter / Gallery - #RomneyHood

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This is why we need fighting Dems in the house, not conservative ones.


#MorningMotivation #Quote "Direction is so much more important then speed. Many are going nowhere fast"

Sounds like the Republican platform.

Vote them out !!!

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What an interesting pattern. Mind you that's only 3 of MANY countries now in turmoil. Who's the real terrorist? pic.twitter.com/LUgNlG3SRq

Jon Stewart.

Wisconsin republicans Just unbelievable how stupid a party can be

Wouldn't life be perfect if...

would you be more careful....?

good to keep in mind

...Be gentle with yourself.

Your life, your choices

so true...and sometimes, you keep losing and coming back to each other -- more than a second time around. trust whatever happens when it happens, and try to remain open to whatever you can take away from it.