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  • Tom Harvey

    I Like the person being almost out of the frame. It works well because the person is close to the camera. Put the camera on a tripod anywhere where people pass and wait for the moment they just enter or leave the frame. Choose a slow shutter and they will blur a lot. Choose a shutter speed of 125th or faster to freeze them. The wall in this shot gives a good leading line towards and away from the person. The limited colour (just blue) also helps.

  • Maéva Rouc

    skate board

  • Rebecca Hagos

    he was a skater boy she said see ya later boy motion

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sheer top over white tank + skinny jeans. + awesome longboard!

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Take a picture of where you are on a map...this is a cool idea!!!

Reference for Frode & Marcus 'Team Heroes' shoot. What's the English equivalent of a drained pool?

I got a board that I kick on all fours and ride it on smooth floors even ride it on stages...

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Skate . Mechanical suit that augments your movility/speed

Yeah! Backside airs are always handsome. This is especially good because of the composition (tight over the shoulder of the guy in the foreground), the balance of the flashes with the low sun, and of course the impact of having two people planted with the strobes in the background. They add to the intensity of the crowd and create a lot of energy. Way cool. Photo by Paul Sommersguter