Ponce de Leon and the Fountain of Youth, an engaging and historically-accurate reader's theater play to liven up your Explorers unit in grades 4, 5, or 6.

Kindergarten Reader's Theater // Common Core aligned

Reader's Theater Katy Grows Up Part 1 (Grades 3-4): Download this Earobics Reader's Theater script for students to practice speaking in character voices. Visit hmhco.com/earobics to learn more or sample the adaptive learning games!

4 Weather reader's theater scripts, rubric, games & Power Point. $2.99 Goes with VDOE 4th and 6th grade SOLs.

The Grinch Readers Theater from Kindergarten Kiosk on TeachersNotebook.com (12 pages) - This play (or reader's theatre) will involve the entire classroom and may be performed in front of a large audience. This story is well known by most students and they should enjoy reciting the great words of the great Dr. Seuss!

5 reader's theater scripts for common folktales, especially written for emergent readers with simplified language and repetition. Also includes comprehension and story-mapping follow-up activities, aligned to Common Core, which ask students to sequence, draw and orally discuss ideas and offer personal opinions.

Readers Theater: Green Eggs & Ham from The First Grade Bloom on TeachersNotebook.com - (6 pages) - This is a short partner play, loosely based on the Dr. Seuss classic. Kids will have fun bringing the book to life and working on their fluency (pace, phrasing and expression). Make groups of 4 and 1 set of partners can perform for the other. Wrap up thi

This is a Reader's Theater for 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grades on up. It has parts for three readers and is about Goldilocks. It is a truly twisted t...

This delightful reader’s theater will provide your children the opportunity to practice fluency skills. These are especially designed for emergen...

Heidisongs Resource: Tips for Doing Reader's Theater in Kindergarten - -Mrs. Wishy Washy Watch the video for the REAL story of engagement. :)

Readers Theater Pirate PACK #1 from The Primary Spot on TeachersNotebook.com (22 pages) - Your students will improve their fluency (pace, phrasing & expression) with these 3 pirate-themed plays. You can use them whole group or during small group reading time. All 3 plays are based on the books by Kim & Doug Kennedy. -Pirate Pete (4

Free!! Irregular verbs memory game!!!

February is Black History Month

Get your students excited about Martin Luther King Day with compelling reader's theater.

Full class set for just three bucks! Liven up your Civil Rights unit with this powerful classroom play about the Greensboro Lunch Counter Sit-ins o...

How do you attach letter grades to play performances?

Cyclops read-aloud play

historical maps for explorers unit

Explorers Unit / This unit has its own Informational Text on 8 explorers! It was divided up into two units of study. Tons of activities, foldables, 2 study guides and tests. #explorers #history #rockinresources

New World Explorers Unit

88 Depth and Complexity task cards for social studies/history! Can be used with grades 4-10+, and can be used with any textbook! $