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Ford F650 I know I'd look awkward with my little self in this big truck but I WANT ONE!!!!!

F650... this is amazing, but honestly, what's the point?

My absolute truck, 6 door Ford Dually. So need this on the road when rodeoing

Ford F650... we saw a ford just like this in Vegas last weekend, but it was made into a limo.... it was awsome!

This thing is a beast. I would never buy this, but it would be awesome to drive.

Ford F650 Super Truck. I WANT as my "fun" Vehicle

I think I need one of these for when the zombies attack!

An F-650!!! Show me how to get into this thing exactly!?!?!?! www.bastillesyste...

Oooooooo...I immediately began thinking about all of the things I could run over with this. F650 say wha?????