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I've seen this scene on many a frosty morning as I ride into work.

Drive me to the Moon! And let me sing a tune, soon it will be June and then July's ending room. And I love the light of your summer's cast. And I love all of the nights you've come to last. I will miss you long after the winds of Arctic glows come near, call out to my ear, I still will hold you near my lovely long summer's bloom.

{the road} I am constantly searching for twists like this, with no signs or adverts to mar a photograph, no ugly fences, and no trash.

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infinite-paradox: Over the Clouds | Jonathan Cyr - THE THINGS TO HOPE FOR

See an impressive mountain scenery with hunging clouds in the Rocky Mountains.

Grief is a long road, full of ups and downs - www.sayinggoodbye...

After university, I WILL travel the world (that is if there is still one to travel...).

Road, fence, Winter, mist, misty, snow, Fog, curve, breathtaking, stunning, clouds, sunbeams, photograph, photo

Old dirt road through the countryside in June, Hertfordshire, England