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green legos

so yesterday was my youngest’s birthday, and he got a lot of Legos. my kiddies love Legos. in fact if you saw how many they had, you would think it you were in a toy store. but i don’t keep them at my house, the pieces get everywhere and i step on them all day More Popsicles...
  • Lisa Meltz

    Play with LEGO bricks together as a family with these family LEGO activities. #KeepBuilding

  • Melissa Brown

    Lego Family Game Night! Cool!

  • Carlye Nuccio

    "LEGO Family time activity guide. Many ideas, games, inspirations from LEGO. Free project downloads that are constantly updated with new building plans too."

  • Judy Caraang

    Lego Family Activities - good for Family Night

  • Robin Boldt

    lego ideas

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This is how they advertised Lego with girls in 1981. Wouldn't it be nice if companies still marketed to girls like this?

Really good ! I'm thinking of a lego theme for my son's birthday this year. It's not till November but I"m already getting some fun ideas!

ALPHABET LEGO CARDS: LOWERCASE from wildflower ramblings

10 ideas: Playdough mix, marshmallow shooter, crayons in the oven, make your own lava lamp, bubble snake, really big bubble recipe, glow in the dark drinks, sponge balls, gak, fingerprint candles.

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Love this idea!! Lego instruction books in page protectors and binders to keep them intact and rip-free

Lego activities, hacks, & organizing tips for kids. Tons of ideas!

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I'm inspired to get some kind of cool container (rather than the Lego ones) to attach to the wall with the Lego plate above in the boys' room! They could do some creative stuff--and the Legos would be off the floor! Pfst, who am I kidding, they'd still be on the floor....